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The Water Bottle Reinvented!

Carrying a water bottle and a handbag is seriously fool's game.

The Manikinn Aquapurse is a completely unique product that serves both as a functional water bottle and a fashion accessory. It’s the first of its kind and solves an array of problems. As people are becoming more and more time poor and lead much busier lives, it provides its wearer with a way to go about their day with ease and convenience.

The Aquapurse holds 450mls of water, your phone, cash, cards and keys - everything you need when you’re on the move. With the Aquapurse, you no longer need to have your handbag weighed down by your water bottle, rummage through your handbag to find your water bottle or waste money purchasing water. You can stay hydrated while looking fashionable!

Key Benefits of the Aquapurse-


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