Say Bye Bye To
Your Pimples & Zits


Shrinks Deep Zits

Hydrocolloid + Salicylic Acid

Overnight Results


Regain Your Self-Esteem Back!!

One-step, easy-to-use pimple patch to target those pesky spots.
Regain your smooth skin overnight!

Pimple Patches | 48 pack

50 Reviews



The gentle, fun and powerful pimple patches are here to elevate your
confidence and your skin.
Stops pimples in their tracks!



We Let The Photo's Speak For Themselves!


"The ManiSkin Pimple Patch is the best patch on the market that extracts fluid from the pimple with its super effective ingredients Hydrocolloid and Salicylic Acid working in tandem."

- Karen Bowen- WA

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Pimple Patches | 48 Pack
Pimple Patches | 48 Pack
Pimple Patches | 48 Pack
Pimple Patches | 48 Pack
Pimple Patches | 48 Pack
Pimple Patches | 48 Pack
Pimple Patches | 48 Pack
Pimple Patches | 48 Pack

Pimple Patches | 48 Pack

50 Reviews


One-step, easy-to-use pimple patch to target those pesky spots. Ultra-thin, with tapered edges and super cute designs  so you can wear them day or night | 48 patches

Our Pimple Patch is a moisture-drawing patch that absorbs fluid, impurities and gunk from your surface-level pimple to quickly shrink its appearance. Made with Hydrocolloid and Salicylic Acid, these patches will help pull oil and impurities from the pores to minimise blemishes and irritation- perfect for zapping a pimple overnight or before a big event. 

 Smooth, Seamless Design

 Helps Promote Faster Healing. 

 Satisfying gunk is extracted!

 Vegan and Cruelty Free

 Super adhesive patch stays stuck

Cruelty Free

100% Vegan



Quickly Extracts

After 6.5 hours, 90% of customers found the stickers drained the contents of
their pimple.*


Rapid Renewal

The affected skin returned to normal without redness or scabbing for 87% of our customers.*


Touch Proof

95% of customers found the pimple stickers stopped them from touching their pimples and zits.*



Happy to answer all your questions, how they work, how long to use, etc

what our customer say


304 Reviews

Jennifer S.

 Verified Buyer

Not what I expected.

I did not expect a little dad to help me get rid of the cyst and the acne before comes to the surface it works amazingly I am obsessed with it I wish you guys had a cheaper so I could have more of them but the stickers are amazing for the discoloration for the acne period ones and didn’t go away for a long time now or gone so it is helping with the cyst that I have on my face I am all for this company I’ve tried a bunch of different ones and you guys Have the best one I found so far. Thank you for your help.

The one thing I can’t get rid of that I would love some feedback on is how do I get the scars to go away is a college and you need to injector just a filler or I don’t know how to get rid of scars this three bad ones I think

melissa g.

 Verified Buyer

Not what I expected.

i’ve used a lot of different patches and most of them do work. this patch is awesome in the sense that it has more delicious ingredients than cheaper alternatives. for best results, i gently puncture my zits with a sterile needle to ensure the whitehead will properly drain. if it’s super juicy, sometimes it takes 2 applications. i love these for under my mask at work, but the pus that spreads into the patch is kinda off putting in the best way possible.

Mohit M.

 Verified Buyer

This is an amazing product. Easy to use / apply and the results are quick and amazing. Highly recommend this product.


 Verified Buyer

I have tried many patches but I always come back to these ones I have all the patches they are so worth it and they stick down really well


 Verified Buyer

Works great!

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