The Water Bottle/Handbag Hybrid

Have you ever been to a music festival, gone shopping, to the gym or travelled and tried to pack lightly? Phone - check, Keys - check, Credit Cards -check, Lipstick - check, Water Bottle-check?!

Introducing the AquaPurse.

Seamless, simple yet sophisticated the AquaPurse is a beautifully designed water bottle with a sensible, slim and functional purse, combining hydration with style. From a health and beauty perspective, studies have shown that good hydration leads to good skin and wellness overall. Proper hydration will have you glowing inside and out!

With the detachable purse and strap, AquaPurse has added a layer of practicality uncommon to hydration products available until now. In addition to storing up to just under a litre of water in the BPA FREE bottle, you can also store your phone, credit cards and other accessories.

Mix and match the look of your AquaPurse to suit the outfit of the day and showcase your unique style. Australian Entrepreneur, Shereen Huber imagined the idea while traveling through the hot and humid climates of South East Asia. As a fashion designer and successful founder of fashion brand Manikinn, Shereen designed the AquaPurse so that form met function and to create an “easy and convenient way to stay hydrated while still looking on point.” We hope you enjoy using the  AquaPurse as much as we enjoyed making this:)